Sifis Hotel

Once the Kantounatakis family  house,  Sifis Hotel has been renovated into small complex of 15 spacious rooms, just above the sea………… All rooms are designed to be airy & light, equipped with all required necessities, decorated with modern furnishings, including refrigerator, safe deposit box and of course private balcony. All rooms have air conditioning, providing cooling for the hot summer months and heating for the cooler early spring and late autumn months. The decor is purity and quality itself…and most importantly, quality at a modest prices. All these consist to prove Sifis Hotel as one of the most competitive Loutro hotels.

The bay of Loutro and Sifis Hotel

From Sifis terrace or the the balcony of your room, you can idle away time, gazing at the fantastic panoramic view of the bay and the surrounding area …at the village and its magnificent setting… the white washed houses with blue shutters, the sunny pebbled beach and the soothing stillness of the Libyan sea,… while feeling the tranquillity which is the symbol of Loutro….the village’s immense natural beauty and the distinctiveness of no automobile road…no sound of vehicles only hums of holiday makers swimming or scaling the narrow paths to the White Mountains

A balcony at Sifis Hotel

Visitors return to our small hotel again and again because we are a family business, what we do is part of our life here in Loutro, therefore we personally take care of our guests ….. that is proven by their desire to always stay with us when they visit Loutro again

and again during their holiday on Crete.
Visitors, express that they feel welcomed at once and that at Sifis-Loutro they have  experienced the magic of the phrase ” can come in any time you like but you will never want to leave…indeed you will find yourself reluctant to go away.

Having an important effect is the hotel’s terrace which extends into the sea in the form of a wooden deck that makes the setting for our popular Café Bistro.

All our rooms are waterfront with an amazing view of the sea. They are spacious, include modern bathrooms, air conditioning, refrigerator, safe deposit box.

*(Our rooms accommodate two, three or four people. We do not have single rooms and in such case we accommodate our customers in a double room charging a discount price rate).


- We charge reduced prices to old customers and customers that stay for more than 5 nights.
- Special overall prices for groups.
- Room prices for groups always include continental breakfast .

(Rates are negotiable depending on vacancies)

Triple room

Triple room

Twin room

Twin room

Double room

Double room



The bay of Loutro and Sifis Hotel
  • the date of arrival and departure
  • the time you expect to arrive
  • type of rooms desired (single, double, triple)
  • contact information…… phone number, e- mail address

To arrange a taxi  or taxi boat please send us all necessary  travel information


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