The Cafe Bistro & Cafe Bar Maistrali

Our terrace extends into the sea in the form of a  wooden deck, colorfully decorated, it  makes the setting for our popular  “The Café Bistro”  & “Café Bar Maistrali”…
We start at sunrise and continue till late at night…serving: emphasis is given breakfast,  greek pastries, continuing with local specialties for lunch, focusing on salads and greek dishes…  till  night with drinks cocktails etc…. all next to the sea.




We serve:

small meals

local pitas
homemade desserts
variety of sandwiches
local appetizers...
greek dishes
a wide variety of cocktails,mixed and long drinks,…
and specially good wines…







“….an unpretentious eating and drinking establishment, marked by an atmosphere of casualness…the place to unwind" *

'…at the bistro you will relax, listen to all types of good music, lots of old classics, read,  play chess or backgammon, have good conversation,observe the village’s amphitheatrical  bay or just do nothing…" *

"…our compliments to the quality food, good drinks wines and the friendly people that work in the “bistro” *

* guest comments




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