Welcome to Sifis Hotel

The Kantounatakis family welcomes you to Loutro and to Sifis Hotel-Loutro.

The bay of Loutro - Click to enlarge


"Loutro  is one of the most attractive and preserved villages of south-west Crete..

Loutro is unique, it has exquisiteness, it is magical, it combines mountains and sea and an incomparable quietness, tranquility which is  a consequence of the absence of automobiles….The bay of Loutro and Sifis Hotel - Click to enlarge

In Loutro you will find Sifis Hotel … located in the western part of the bay,  it is the first complex you will arrive at as you come off the boat heading towards the village.


Discovering Sifis   you will discover  “The Café Bistro”  and  “Café Bar Maistrali”…. which collectively create an atmosphere that makes this  part of the village  without equal… one of a kind ambiance equivalent to Loutro’s beauty and uniqueness.”

Sifis Hotel -  - Click to enlarge

*(Our rooms accommodate two, three or four people. We do not have single rooms and in such case we accommodate our customers in a double room charging a discount price).


- We charge reduced prices to old customers and customers that stay for more than 5 nights.
- Special overall prices for groups.
- Room prices for groups always include continental breakfast .
(Prices are negotiable depending on vacancies)

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